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Epiphone MB-100 First Pick Banjo Natural

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 91
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Epiphone MB-100 First Pick Banjo Natural
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Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 91

Product Features

With mahogany neck, traditional mahogany body, and remo head, the EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e MB-100 First Pick Banjo generates a warm, plucky resonance that'll be an inspiration as you learn to play. Chrome hardware, genuine rosewood fretboard, and natural finish mean you'll be lookin' sharp while you kick back on the front porch.

Mahogany neck rosewood fretboard Mahogany body Remo head

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Good for the money
I've been playing a banjo I built myself for a couple of years; playable but the sound was sub-par. So, I bit the bullet and ordered one of these EE-Epiphone-e jobs.

Overall, an excellent value. First the bad...
It says my banjo was inspected by "Number 20". Perhaps Mr. 20 was asleep that day... The head was not tensioned hardly at all. A number of the hooks were finger-loose. Also, one of the tuning machne bushings had not been pushed in all the way.
Minor things, however. I tensioned the head with the supplied wrench and installed the bridge and tapped the bushing flush with a hardwood dowel.
Tuned up, the banjo sounds quite nice. I wanted an open back model primarily for clawhammer playing, and this one sounds just fine.
Frets are nicely finished and the overall look and finish and fit are quite good. It's plain, but looks classy.
A good value for a "starter" banjo.
Quality of parts appears quite good; assembly a little lacking.
Good value for the price.
Epiphone MB-100 First Pick Banjo Natural
.I give mine a ten now that I have set up and customized mine. When I first got it it was unplayable, so maybe a one then. This purchase will provide you with a good cheap frame to build a customized banjo. The necker is much thinner and narrower than most banjo necks, and is extremely comfortable to play. THIS BANJO HAS NO TONE RING. I love the sound of a banjo with no tone ring and a frosted head. It may even be louder than most banjos with substantial tone rings and the renaisance and fiberskyn type heads, but is has a mellower tone. The wood is very pretty. I sanded the logo off the headstock and it is red coloured under the finish, so it really is some mahogany type wood. I think the picture on this website shows the older lighter coloured one. But they are really a beautiful mahogany colour. Makes a great old time clawhammer banjo.
The picture shown is not accurate. Banjo is really a beautiful mahogany colour. The tailpiece is bad. Use this banjo for clawhammer, not bluegrass style and replace tailpiece with a no-knot. Will make a big difference. Also, the bridge is alright, but replacing it with a name brand grover bridge, made from slightly denser, better wood, will improve tone. The tuners are guitar style which work much better than all but the most expensive planetary tuners, so keep the tuners. Of course, replace the strings and set up. I like DR strings. Oh, and the head is great. The combo of frosted remo head and no tone-ring is awesome. Just tighten the head multiple times after you set the banjo up cas it will keep stretching over time.
This banjo is a good foundation to customize or fix up to make an awesome clawhammer style banjo. Beware, when you receive the banjo it will be unplayable. There is some quality control issue where the nut slot for the 3rd? I think, maybe 4th, I forget, string is angled wrong on every one of these banjos Ive seen. You need to have it set up proffessionally or get a little coping saw blade and even the slot. That sitar like buzzing IS being caused by this. Hard to believe, right. It took me forever to figure it out cas the sound moves throughout the whole instrument and you cant tell where its coming from. Also, there will be no setup attempted overall with this banjo. Truss rod will need to be adjusted to straighten neck. Head will need to be tightened. Bridge will need to be placed in the proper spot on the head for good intonation, etc. Find every screw and bolt (there are lots) and check it for tightness.
Good value if you can work on instrument yourself. Otherwise, it would cost a lot of money to have a professional work on it and not be worth the price.
Epiphone MB-100 First Pick Banjo Natural
.Wonderful price, very fast shipping and nice quality instrument make this a great deal. Other Web sites listed it as unavailable or delivering in 7 months. I am very happy with this purchase and the instrument seems to be of good quality and plays well.
Epiphone MB-100 First Pick Banjo Natural
.I've had this banjo for a few months now and do not regret making it my first banjo. When it arrived in the box I had no idea of how to place the bridge on and was having issues with it. After I clumsily loosened all the strings from the tailpiece, the strings popped right off - I gave up (very dumb thing to do, don't loosen the tailpiece). I took the banjo to a music store and had them professionally set up by a banjo player for about $50 and had a new set of strings (D' Addario 5-string banjo strings). The guy that set it up for me strummed an open "G" chord and I caught myself saying "Wow. That sounds awesome." He also told me that it was a really good beginner's banjo and that it was just as good as a more expensive model. My advice would be to have this set up professionally by a banjo player if you can find one. All in all, a great buy for the price!
Epiphone MB-100 First Pick Banjo Natural
.I was delighted with my EE-Epiphone-e MB-100 banjo. It arrived 3 days after ordering it. It was shipped within hours of my placing the order. I unpackaged the instrument and used the included tools to check the tightness of the head installed the bridge and tuned it up. Within 30 minute it was playing. For me, it seems to be a fantastic value and a great practice instrument. I have purchased numerous items and instruments from Custom Guitars Friend. They have ALWAYS been prompt, friendly, and reasonably priced. I had a problem with a used Amp I bought from them. I was unable to register the product because the previous owner had registered it. I called and explained the problem, and Custom Guitars Friend corrected it immediately. I returned the amp and they sent me a brand new one for the price of a used one. I even offered to pay the difference and they said no sir, enjoy your amp. Do I like Custom Guitars Friend? You bet I do.
Epiphone MB-100 First Pick Banjo Natural
.I play a full weight Gibson 250 a lot, but when I want to pick a banjo up to pick around with, this is the first off the stand every time. Mine is older and I haven't had 1/3 the set-up problems others have had. I have played mine so much I just replaced the head with an elite. I would recomend going to martin light strings. This banjo isn't very loud, but I have my Gibson for that!
Epiphone MB-100 First Pick Banjo Natural
.I bought this banjo a little over a year ago. It was my first banjo. I've played guitar and bass for 12 years, and I'm well-versed and experienced when it comes to setting up and working on string instruments. That said, this banjo is tough to set up and keep in tune. Nearly any movement or impact to this banjo can knock it out of tune. Even putting too much pressure on the neck or body while playing will bend the pitch of the strings. It is fun to play around with but if you're serious about learning the banjo, I would strongly reccomend buying a better banjo than this one. However, if you're on a budget and you want to TRY the banjo, then buy this and a set of good strings. I would still reccomend buying a better banjo, I know that I wish I did!!
Epiphone MB-100 First Pick Banjo Natural
.Very bad quality banjo, I made a bad choice. Do not buy this one. Got a bad buzz sound quality is bad. Im a beginer and did not know. I took to a dealer he said it was junk. I agree. I picked up a bean blossom hobo banjo and bought it. Great soud and Quality for not much more money than the epi mb 100 banjo.
Epiphone MB-100 First Pick Banjo Natural
.This instrument is great. I really ejoy playing it. Iwill admit, this is my first banjo, so I am a novice when it comes to such thigs. However, it has everything I want in an instrument; great price, great sound, and easy playability. EE-Epiphone-e makes a good banjo. Keep in mind taht it is an open-back.
Epiphone MB-100 First Pick Banjo Natural
.I've been playing bluegrass banjo for many years, but wanted to start learning clawhammer. My bg banjo is way too loud for ch, so I picked this up to learn on. Not much sound projection due to no sound ring, but for learning ch, it was perfect. As I progressed in clawhammer, my ability to project grew. Bottom line is, I would even perform with this banjo without a concern. BTW, I considered to put a tone ring in it, but the pot is less than the customary dia, so it would require a special ring. I'm good with it the way it is.
Epiphone MB-100 First Pick Banjo Natural
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