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Epiphone EB-3 SG Bass Cherry

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Like the guitar, the SG bass has been one of rock's defining instruments. This reproduction is true to the Gibson original”light, fast, and loaded with a Sidewinder humbucker and a mini-humbucker to give it tonal power, and a set neck to give it the sustain that made the original famous. Limited lifetime warranty.

Mahogany body Glued-in mahogany neck SlimTaper "D" neck profile 34" Scale 1.65" Nut width Rosewood fretboard w/trapezoid inlays Sidewinder humbucker neck pickup NYT Bass mini humbucker bridge pickup

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EB-3 SG Bass

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I have some vintage Fenders basses. I love the way they sound. I will still play them. But the EB3 is a keeper and will be taken on the road.
Four string, longer scale - 22 frets ( 1 inch longer than my Fender Basses) Gibson SG-model bass guitar. Mudbucker on the neck side and a minibucker at the bridge. 2x volume and 2x tone knobs.
1x chicken head pickup selector. Solid bridge construction, great for adjusting action and intonation.
Solid reliable tuners. The Cherry has great vintage looks!
The Unsung guitar factory in Korea built this EB3 well. Body width 1.77". Nice piece of mahogany with a great cherry finish. It sure looks classy (only the perloid neck inlays are plastic). Its a solid and firm bass. The neck pickup on 10 is too muddy. You have to find your own 'sweet spot' on this bass. Turning back the volume of the bridge pickup a little and set the neck pickup to 4 or 5 you'll get a nice mix. Now you also hear a pleasent audible difference between 1 and 2 on the pickup selector.

pro's: good sounds are available - lots of sustain - nice playable neck -very well built - great looks

cons: serious neckdive - bridge bushings has to be superglued into the body (they tend to raise) - the tone pots act like a switch (on or off) - the input jack is mounted on thin piece of mahogany (the cavity of the electronics is just there)
Big value for little money. Treat this bass well and it will still be there for the next generation.
Epiphone EB-3 SG Bass Cherry
.I am a bass player of 20 + years. My first bass was a pawn-shop find of a 72 Gibson EB3 L (slotted headstock) which is a very similar instrument. This is another story. I also had a cheap, old EE-Epiphone-e Accu-Bass and it is impossible to believe that the same company built the EB-3. This was 20 years ago and was probably built in a different factory. The EB-3 combines great craftsmanship with faithful, classic style of the the 60's/70's Gibson line. It is extremely fun to play... a long and slender neck with full access to the upper register makes the EB-3 a blast. The neck feels a lot like the old Gibson necks... and I suppose also a bit like a Fender Jazz at the nut.. but not at all like bass necks with a flatter, more modern profile. I like this a lot.
I bought this bass because I was looking for a quality, inexpensive bass to play in my gigging band that I wouldn't have to worry about bringing to bars. Simply put, I am blown away at the quality of the EE-Epiphone-e EB-3. It sounds, looks, and plays wonderfully. I expect to have this bass for a long long time.
There has been much debate regarding the Gibson and/or EE-Epiphone-e pickups and bridge quality... Personally, I don't see the problem. Pickups offer a wide selection of tones and the bridge is simple yet stable. Bridge set up can be a bit difficult as the bridge pickup is in the way of the saddle adjustment screws. The 3 point bridge is interesting... it works fine but does not have the ease of adjustability that a Fender style bridge has.
Pickups: I love these. Talk about Growl. A lot has been said about these "mudbuckers"... they are unique sounding for sure... I find them distinct, punchy, articulate and versatile. They are also somewhat microphonic, which I do not find to be a bad thing.
Unbeatable quality. Flawless paint job, wonderful inlay work, clean route-jobs... really a fantastic instrument. The Chinese factory that crafted this instrument is really doing a great job challenging Gibson in the Finish department... look out!
The nut is cheap, but works. The tuners are fine...they feel solid and work great. For the money, I am certainly not complaining, but they certainly are not top of the line. Easily upgraded.
This beast is SOLID Mahogany with a set neck and I can't see a single flaw. Wonderfully crafted.
Faithful to the original Gibson EB-3, this model neckdives like the best of them.... just be aware that the bass behaves this way and don't take your hand off the neck!
As stated above, I am thrilled at the quality of this instrument for the price. Yes, it is made in China, but it rivals the quality of most American basses that I have used in the past at a fraction of the cost. These are NOT the cheap, poorly made beginner instruments of the past. The rosewood on the fingerboard is not of the same quality as you would expect on the Gibson version, but these cosmetic descripencies are overshadowed by the cheap price. I do not believe that you will find a better value for your money than the EB-3. Mahogany body and neck (set neck) and quality electronics trump all of the other basses in this price range. If you like the look and feel of the Gibson basses of old, this one is for you.
Epiphone EB-3 SG Bass Cherry
.For the money you just can't go wrong with this bass. Lets start at the top, the tuning keys are outstanding open gear tuners that are heavy duty and make tuning a snap. The neck has great fretwork with no snags or sharp points and is easy to adjust, should it ever be necessary. Mine had already been tweaked to perfection and the intonation was also, surprisingly, perfect. It has the typical Gibson neck so it has infinite sustain and if you have ever played another one there won't be any shockers is store for you. The pickups are also excellent and if you feel like channeling your inner Jack Bruce and want that classic Cream sound you will have it in spades by soloing the sidewinder in the neck. However, and unlike the EB-0 that Jack used back in the day, if you want more top end snarl the mini bucker at the bridge provides it nicely and makes the guitar much more versatile than the EB-0 ever was. The 3 point bridge is easy to adjust and my only gripe is that, should you ever have to adjust the intonation, the adjustment screws are located under the string so I think it might be a pain to deal with. The electronics are pretty solid with a well shielded cavity, tidily bundled wiring and good solid solder work through out. I think they would have been better served if they had put better volume/tone pots in this axe as the taper is very short but they are solid so I don't think I'll be replacing them unless it becomes a problem later on. As for the fit and finish mine is the ebony model and it did have some minor scuff marks on the back that looked like it had been slid briefly over cardboard but you would really have to look the guitar over closely to see them and anyone in the audience will surely never be aware . Also there was some sort of fluid that had been slopped on the neck but a good scrubbing with some Ernie Ball fretboard clean and prep made short work of it. I don't know what type of strings it had but I didn't care for them so I put a set of DR Neon White strings on this thing and they really pop on stage and make the bass look like it has a tux on. Over all it is a fantastic buy with only a little neck dive that keeps it from being perfect as a rock bass. I have many many basses and some of them that cost two or three times what this does were not this nice or playable right out of the box so my recommendation is buy this bass, you won't regret it. EE-Epiphone-e also sells the fitted case for this thing that is wonderful and just makes it that much classier for very little money invested. So whether you are looking for your first bass or you're an old road musician like myself you just can't find a better deal than with the EB-3 and EE-Epiphone-e really knocked this one outta the park.
Epiphone EB-3 SG Bass Cherry
. Very playable, quiet humbuckers, classic old-school sound, wicked looks and long scale neck. Oh, and its easy on the shoulder too!
Quiet humbuckers, great for studio work! Fast neck, good sustain. This is a straight up workhorse bass.
The inspection card that was included stated "inspected by 13 EE-Epiphone-e USA". Well inspector 13 missed the paint drips on the front body next to one of the volume knobs, and the bridge was not set up well. A healthy amount of fret buzz on the E and A string. After looking at it I could tell all it needed was an adjustment on the bridge that I could do myself. My only comment on that would be that if they are going to have a quality checklist, stick to it.
Even if you might have to have this bass properly set up after purchase, it is still a great value. Its a quality instrument for an entry level price.
Epiphone EB-3 SG Bass Cherry
.The EB-3 bass arrived with a broken machine head; but otherwise it is flawless. It is set up great; and the tone is exceptional. I therefore will not return it, it is THAT good! I will simply buy a new machine head and carry on...
Long neck;
Gutsy Tambre.
With one exception... flawless.
Epiphone EB-3 SG Bass Cherry
.The sound is very uneven, the E sounds dead while the D is louder than all of the strings put together. It needs a setup every month or so, which is WAY too often. It sounds flat and toneless with either flats or rounds, i've tried both several times. I've played it through a Hartke A100, TC Electronic BG250, and an SVT stack. Sounded equally as horrid on all of them. The bridge will fall apart on you without a doubt.
If you plan to upgrade the living heck out of it, you could probably pull it off. The stock material is horrible so don't bother unless you got the extra money to put into it.
I would, however, reccomend the EE-Epiphone-e Viola bass for the same price. I have both and the Viola sounds oh so good. It's my favorite bass to play in fact. So go try that puppy out and tell me I didn't change your mind.
Epiphone EB-3 SG Bass Cherry
.I bought this bass in 2009 just to have a bass to practice with. When it arrived I was surprised how nice the paint job was and how nice and shiny the chrome hardware was for an instrument that cost so little. For that price I didn't expect much. I experimented with different set ups and found that it plays best with a lot of relief in the neck. The bridge pick up needed to be adjusted to get the sound even between the four strings. Eventually I got it to the point where it plays and sounds pretty good. This would make a good first bass for a student or a good spare for a veteran musician. I've had this SG for 5 years and it's a keeper.
Epiphone EB-3 SG Bass Cherry
.This base is actually easier to play than my 4001 Ricky. The 60's streamlined knack is so smooth an fast. I would highly recommend this bass for anyone from a novice to professional.And it looks great!
Epiphone EB-3 SG Bass Cherry
.got one used in good condition but discounting the minor scratches and a minor ding near the strap button the quality of the workmanship was excellent for a bass in this price range. Plays really well and only a minor bit of fret buzz which was easy to get rid of by raising the bridge a bit. Action was really low when i got it so it could easily stand to get raised a fraction. The sound is very bass heavy on the neck pickup by itself. You can dial in a bit more treble by using setting 2 and mixing the volume level and tone of the two pickups. The bridge pickup is very treble sounding - almost too thin. If you turn down the tone on the bridge pickup it sounds better. I am not using the bridge p/u by itself ever - seems to be good for maybe only a few songs. Going forward I could see routing out the cavity and putting in a MM type pickup. Other than that the sound can get very close to Jack Bruce/Cream sound along with good Hard Rock to Heavy Metal sounds. You can dial in an acceptable jazz sound or R&B sound but it's not quite there so I'm using this baby for mostly Cream, Steppenwolf, CCR, etc. Works good for old-time R&R. Nice sleek black finish and chrome hardware gives it a nice dark appeal. Pots and controls work well and are smooth. Tuners are good but make the neck a little heavy so maybe replace with ultralights at some point. The neck does tend to dive so I'm moving the strap button nearer to the neck - almost at the end and move the strap button at the end of the body up an inch. I would also recommend a thick strap with rough leather on your shoulder to keep it from slipping - don't use a web strap as this will just let it neck dive when you let go. I'm hoping once i get lighter tuners and move the strap buttons the issue goes away but i can live with it for now. Well worth the asking price but if you can get one in good condition used it will still be a good deal even with minor cosmetic flaws.
Epiphone EB-3 SG Bass Cherry
.It sounds odd but kinda nice, very vintage lo-fi. A bit boomy in a good way. BIG problem is that volume between strings is uneven. This is a major flaw. The E string sounds dead. Also, the tuners don't work. So you need to upgrade those in order to play for more than 2 minutes without losing tune. The neck has a lot of dead spots. Be prepared to spend a lot of money upgrading. I have replaced tuners, brigde, pickup and strings.
Epiphone EB-3 SG Bass Cherry
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