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Boss DB-60 Dr. Beat Metronome

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 241
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Boss DB-60 Dr. Beat Metronome
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Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 241

Product Features

The Boss DB-60 Dr. Beat Metronome is a handy timekeeper that can lay down a click in style. Along with the standard metronome functions, the Boss DB-60 provides a menu of rhythmic patterns, a note-mixing feature to create rhythms that match the feel and style of your music, and the ability to handle time signatures of up to 17 beats per measure.

Wide variety of rhythm patterns to play along with Quickly create original patterns with the Note-Mixing function Loop play for calling up memory settings and playing the patterns repeatedly Memory function for storing independent tempos for each song Tap Tempo, Timer, and Stopwatch functions Standard Pitch function for tuning instruments Headphone jack

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I've been using this metronome in live situations of all kinds, from clubs to arenas. It does what I need it to do, which is keep me in time. I have two(2) greviances which are somewhat minor.1. It's not loud. I HAVE to run it through a headphone amp to hear the click clearly in live situations.2. It can only hold up to 8 presets. Most gigs I'm playing 10-12 songs and it would be great to program every tempo in that need, instead of just tempos that are not close to each other. i.e. I use the same preset for 150 and 156 since it's only a few clicks away.
Boss DB-60 Dr. Beat Metronome
.Overall I am very happy with this metronome! The only dislike I have so far is the headphone jack. It is a 3.5mm and I wish it was a 1/4". An adapter is no problem to find online but it is one more thing to misplace or forget to bring to a show or service. Some have had issues with the volume but I think if you play with quality headphones then this will not be a problem. During services the volume is not an issue because I run it through a preamp and through our Aviom's so all the musicians can hear the click. I play with Bose over the ear noise canceling headphones. At home, I normally plug into a mixer only so I can mix a track in as well but I have played MANY times with just plugging in headphones to the output and it has been PLENTY loud enough for me.
For the money, the features are great. 8 slot memory is good for me since I normally play 5 or 6 track set lists. Backlight is easy to access. I wish the volume was buttons rather then a side dial but normally I have an Aviom so its not a big issue but something to consider.
I have not owned the product for a long time so I can't say if it holds up or not but the buttons don't feel cheap, nor does the construction.
Boss DB-60 Dr. Beat Metronome
.My bands going into the studio and the producer told us to practice our songs by a click track. So we put this thing through a system and it worked amazing. I highly reccomend it if your in a band thats planning on recording. It's amazing!
Boss DB-60 Dr. Beat Metronome
.I couldn't have asked for something better. The price is a little high, but I think it's good that I dropped down a little extra cash for this thing. The backlight feature alone is worth the money. The volume is loud enough even while I play my drumset. I use the Vic Firth SIH1 headphones though, so I can't say how good it is otherwise. But all in all, great product.
Boss DB-60 Dr. Beat Metronome
. I particular like the tones of the accent beats and the ability to split.
Everything I need plus.
It appears to be well made but I haven't had it long enough to attest to the endurance.
A bit pricey but I obviously overcame that to make the purchase and am not displeased.
Boss DB-60 Dr. Beat Metronome
.It's a pretty good metronome; however, it's not very loud. I'm a drummer in a rockband and this metronome isn't nearly loud enough for me. The features and stuff on it are cool though.
Boss DB-60 Dr. Beat Metronome
.I got this metronome just before I went to college for percussion studies. It works great at what a metronome should do, it keeps time. It also features the ability to do odd time signatures which can be helpful. The only gripe I have is that you can't hold down the tempo change button to get the tempo you need quickly. But overall, it does what I needed it to do, a metronome with more than just basic features.
Boss DB-60 Dr. Beat Metronome
.The fatal flaw in this is that a straight eighth note beat isn't an option. The eighth note options are either on the off beat combined with a rest, or in triplets. Not really an issue unless you are trying to set up a loop and need to put in straight eighth notes without a rest. I've tried many options and there isn't a workaround. I have a drum machine so it's not very important to me, since I only use this as a metronome, but you will not be able to creats any useful loops on this.
Boss DB-60 Dr. Beat Metronome
.Good Timekeeper But A Little Confusing
Boss DB-60 Dr. Beat Metronome
.Works great for practicing on a pad. Not so much on a kit as you can't hear it.
Boss DB-60 Dr. Beat Metronome
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