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Custom dbx 165a

Brand Name Pro-Audio,Outboard Gear,dbx,
Model Number Custom dbx 165a
Min.Order Quantity one set
Price 889USD
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Custom dbx 165a
Delivery Time Within 3days after payment
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 73

Product Features

The 165a will give you compete control of the compression and limiting characteristics. Choose from the over-easy circuit for gentle compression, or the automatic circuit for that spanky 160 thing. There is also an output limiter to catch those errant peaks.

This unit is fully functional and sounds great on a lot of sources. It was entirely recapped a few years ago. It has some scratches (see photos).


Compression ratio continuously variable from 1:1 to infinity:1 In automatic mode, compressor attack and release times are determined by program material dynamics. In manual mode, variable attack and release rates allow the 165A to be used as an ultra-fast or slower rms-detecting limiter. PeakStop circuit prevents unwanted peaks from getting through. Equipped with matched rms detectors for stereo operation. Analog rms meter is switchable to read input or output levels or the amount of gain reduction over a 30dB range. Active balanced input for hum and RF rejection.

Product Specs

Condition:Good Make:dbx Model:165a Finish:Black Categories:Outboard Gear, Recording Year:1980s Made In:United States
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