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Custom Laney Klipp 100 Watt 1974 Amplifier

Brand Name Amps,Guitar Heads,Laney,
Model Number Custom Laney Klipp 100 Watt 1974 Amplifier
Min.Order Quantity one set
Price 889USD
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Custom Laney Klipp 100 Watt 1974 Amplifier
Delivery Time Within 3days after payment
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I bought this Laney Klipp from an incredible tech in Poland named Bart who runs a shop called Grube Brzmienie back in August. It sounds absolutely HUGE, and for me it seems impossible to make it sound shrill, even with a strat. Since I bought it from a tech, who knows the Supergroups and Klipps quite well, he totally inspected it and fixed any errors with it. It also had been recapped by the time it got to him to fix up even more. Here is the original reverb listing so you can see exactly what he did to it when serviced:…/2117927-laney-klipp-100-1974-serviced-… . I played 5 or so shows with it cranked since receiving it in August and never had a problem with it until January when it started blowing the 1amp HT fuse when cranked. I emailed Bart about this and he told me it must be due to the power tubes, as they did travel here all the way from Poland. I have not tried replacing the power tubes with a new quad and have been told one of the best modern tubes that can handle the high plate voltage (600+ volts) of the supergroups/klipps are the JJ E34Ls. Honestly this amp is so incredible but I just don't feel like putting anymore money into this and I could use the money.  have included two videos here so you know it IS working just fine before cranked. One is from a while ago going from clean to full jumped and cranked, until the fuse blows. The other one I just filmed to show you that it is still working fine totally clean. I have included some pics as well to show all the tubes are glowing fine and I haven't changed anything in this amp since I got it from Bart. If you look on the reverb link I attached you can see all the guts, original partridge trannies, mustard caps, all the stuff you could possibly want to preserve in this.  Please get in touch, I have learned how this amp behaves in all scenario's quite well! ALL WIRED UP TO RUN ON AMERICAN POWER

(clean to dead)

(new one, just clean)

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Condition:Good Make:Laney Model:Klipp 100 Watt Categories:Guitar Heads Year:1974 Made In:United States


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