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Custom Fender Jazzmaster Body 1960 Natural

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Model Number Custom Fender Jazzmaster Body 1960 Natural
Min.Order Quantity one set
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Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Custom Fender Jazzmaster Body 1960 Natural
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Up for sale is this ca. 1960-1961 Fender Jazzmaster body. The original finish has been stripped, and unfortunately the pencil date was stripped with it. It does have nail holes are consistent with pre-CBS fender bodies from the period, and all the other parts on the guitar (3-61 neck date, electronic date codes, Patent Pending tremolo) all date to 1960-1961. I will guarantee that this is a circa 1961 fender Jazzmaster body.

The body has been stained a darker walnut-color, most likely to emulate an Elvis Costello vibe. The wood grain is particularly prominent for an alder body, making this a possible candidate for a possible blonde refinish if you so desire. The body is serviceable, and will mate to a vintage pick guard and neck wonderfully and easily. However, there is some over-sanding evident in the neck pocket area, but nothing that inhibits its functionality. There also looks to be an odd rectangular-shaped route underneath the tremolo unit area, but nothing that inhibits the functionality of the body itself.

To be very clear, all that you get in in this sale is the body itself. Pictures of the guitar with the tremolo unit, pickguard, and a text neck are simply to demonstrate its functionality. All the parts will be taken off the body. None of them are included in the sale.

Shipping will be $29.99 to the domestic USA. International shipping may be available. Please contact me for pricing and ability to your home country.

I typically like to ship as quickly as possible. In this case I will need perhaps a day or two since I'll have to disassemble the guitar and ship it to you. I have a new body on the way for this guitar

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Condition:Good Make:Fender Model:Jazzmaster Finish:Natural Categories:Guitar Bodies Year:1960

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