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Fender Treated Polish Cloth

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 194
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Fender Treated Polish Cloth
Delivery Time Please contact customer service
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 194

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The Fender Treated Polish Cloth is super soft, with a cleaning agent added.

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I've used a lot of different cleaning cloths over the years. I tried the new micro fiber ones and sad to say they've left swirl marks and tiny scratches on some of my basses and those cleaning cloths weren't cheap. These are an old tried and true product. These treated cloths get the grime and dirt off just fine whithout any damage whatsoever. What else do you want?
Fender Treated Polish Cloth
.This is a good cloth but not great. Fender makes 5 cleaning cloths. The one like this that is not treated is not very good. This is a little better. I have not tried one of the 3 microfiber cloths yet and am not sure which will best serve my Nitro 50s Strat. I have noticed minor swirls from this as the Nitro finish is very soft and tacky. I wish I still had some of my old cloth diapers as they would probably be better not to mention a conversation starter.
Fender Treated Polish Cloth
.Very handy before a show. Use this product if you let your grimy hands all over your shiny guitar.
Fender Treated Polish Cloth
.I polish my guitar after every use, this wipe helps get it shining again.
Fender Treated Polish Cloth
.Does a great job cleaning my guitar
Fender Treated Polish Cloth
.This is about what you would expect. It's just like the cloth you get in the case when you buy a new guitar.
Fender Treated Polish Cloth
.Nice small polishing cloth. Great to give the guitar a wipe down after playing. If your looking for a cloth to give the guitar a good cleaning opt for a larger one.
Fender Treated Polish Cloth
.I am quite happy with this microfiber polishing cloth, it is made from a very soft yet sturdy material.
Fender Treated Polish Cloth
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