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Fender Acoustic SFX 2-Channel 160W Acoustic Guitar Stereo Amp

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 195
Min.Order Quantity One Set
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Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Fender Acoustic SFX 2-Channel 160W Acoustic Guitar Stereo Amp
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Product Features

The Fender Acoustic SFX amplifier gives acoustic players full, natural tone and stunning Stereo Field Expansion technology (SFX), which goes beyond stereo for room-filling tonal imagery that envelops the listener in a rich acoustic experience. Its gracefully curved, acoustically designed wood shell complements an acoustic guitar' form and speaks to the aesthetic sensibilities of the acoustic musician.

The perfect portable system for solo performances in a variety of venues, the Acoustic SFX has two universal channels designed for instrument or microphone use, each with its own selection of studio-quality effects.
Exciting multi-dimensional SFX sound reproduction brings effects such as hall reverb, echo, delay and Vibratone to even more dynamic life by literally moving them around the listening area, be it a coffeehouse, pub
or living room. Other convenient player features include an integrated handle that also holds personal mobile devices for playback of recorded material, and a fitted cover.

For the discerning player in search of an eye-catching piece of acoustic architecture, the Acoustic SFX offers state-of-the-art technology for a lush sonic experience unlike any other. The ultimate solution for acoustic players, the lightweight design and portability suit anyone looking for a grab-and-go rig for small venues, offering a pleasing sound image to people located all throughout the room. Acoustic SFX has two universal channels designed for use with guitars or microphones, each with its own 1„4"-XLR combo jack and spectacular studio-quality effects. The multi-dimensional, stunning Stereo Field Expansion technology (SFX) goes beyond stereo for room-filling tonal imagery that envelops the listener in a rich acoustic experience. The amp imparts exciting, dynamic life to the onboard hall reverb, echo, delay and Vibratone effects”literally moving them around the listening area for amazingly deep tone. The integrated handle doubles as convenient cradle for mobile playback devices”perfect for adding accompaniment to your performance via the Aux In jack.

Other performance-friendly features include feedback-reducing phase switches, line output, fitted cover and a footswitch jack for the optional two- button effect bypass footswitch. From first glance, the Acoustic SFX amplifier is the essence of form and function. The cabinet has been dutifully constructed not only for stunning good looks, but also for enhanced resonance and projection. As sleek as it is practical, the smooth wooden shell and bent plywood construction are the perfect combination of high-grade materials and sleek, modern curvature, designed to enhance the outward projection of your guitar tone. Coalescing with these distinguished cosmetic touches are an elegant grille cloth and expanded control panel, making the Acoustic SFX the perfect specimen in tonal flexibility and sophistication.

Two-channel 160-watt (2x80W) stereo combo amplifier Amplifier Type: Digital Speaker: Three - 8" Low-Frequency Driver, High-Frequency Tweeter and Side- Radiating 6" Speaker Horn Tweeter: One - Compression Driver High-Frequency Horn Inputs: Two - XLR / 1/4" combined Channels: Two Controls: Volume, Low, Mid-Frequency, Mid-Level, High, Reverb, Phase Switch (Same on Each Channel) Effects: Delay, Chorus, Vibratone, Reverb Line Out: One - (Balanced XLR with Ground Lift and Level Control) Cabinet Material: Lightweight Plywood Cover/Grille Cloth: Natural Wood Finish with Brown Grille Cloth Knobs: Black Plastic Height: 19.5" (49.5 cm) Width: 17.5" (44.5 cm) Depth: 10.5" (26.7 cm) Weight: 25 lbs. (11.3 kg) Other Features: Included Cover, Optional Two-Button Footswitch

Give your acoustic-electric some more juice with the addition of this great Fender amp. Order today!

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Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

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Okay I played out tonight with the new Fender SFX amp at out local senior center jam session. I wanted to see and hear how well it would stand up in a live I came early and set up the amp....I played the new Pono DS-20 with the LR Baggs M80 pickup in it. I had about a half hour to kill so I just started noodling a few tunes, members of the crowd kept coming up and saying how good it sounded. The rest of the musicians got there and one by one noticed the new amp. I played it for about two hours with the rest of the band. I didn't play too loud so as to drown out the P.A. but I certainly could have. I played quietly to blend in....but still be distinctly heard. I got the low end growl I was looking for in the Pono, and that was with the bass turned down. My guitar sounded very clear and cut right thru all the noise. The P.A system has a SM57 directed at the lead singer's guitar. That sounded really boomy next to my didn't sound good at all next to my amp...the SFX sounded great and all the musicians noticed it. At the end of the night one musician asked if he could play his Guild thru it...I let him and he said that amp made his guitar sound like a million !! Which it did !!! He didn't say what kind of pickup he had but it must have had a pre-amp because his guitar was much louder than mine...I'm running in passive mode with no preamp.

The room was about 100' x 100', an old gymnasium, and the SFX had plenty of power to fill that room with sound !!!! We had a full house tonight and there was lots of crowd noise, but the SFX cut through all of it with plenty of power to spare. So all in all the live experiment with the SFX was a great success.
Fender Acoustic SFX 2-Channel 160W Acoustic Guitar Stereo Amp
.I just received this amp today....I was hoping it would sound as good as the demo's I heard....It blows the demos away, it sounds sooo much better in person....I love everything about this amp...I have 3 main guitars that I'll use with this amp, a D-35 with a Lyric pickup, a D18 with a M1A pickup and a Taylor 12 string with a Gold Line pick up....all three sound great with this amp. I wasn't sure if I was going to like this amp, but I've been playing thru it all day, and love it. It's a lot of money, but worth every penny.
Fender Acoustic SFX 2-Channel 160W Acoustic Guitar Stereo Amp
.This amp is a jewel... I was very impressed with the sonic details and Fender's use of the modulated "Stereo" effect that is used in it. The Other effects were superb. ( I do wish there was a few more combinations, but isn't the full point of this piece of gear) I can't say enough about it's design and looks. The use of The outputs are perfect for both stage and recording.What a beautiful piece of art... and the commitment that fender made to think out of the "box"...
Fender Acoustic SFX 2-Channel 160W Acoustic Guitar Stereo Amp
.I demo'd a bunch of acoustic amps. Wanted something nice for my 50th birthday.

Nothing else came close. Not only is the guitar sound stellar, this thing is shockingly good for vocals. I have chills just writing this, seriously. Clear, clear, beautiful sound, makes me sound much better than I ever have. For the singer/player, this is perfect.
Fender Acoustic SFX 2-Channel 160W Acoustic Guitar Stereo Amp
.I Have been a Professional Custom Guitar 50 Years and a Fender Guy since 1966. I owned the First Fender SFX II for about 7 years of Weekly Performances and loved it.( More importantly, My Venues/Customers Loved it) When it came time to retiring it, I purchased the 2nd generation of Fender's Acoustisonic Amps...which I sent back within a few days (N/G)....BUT ... This new Fender Acoustisonic SFX II is Every Bit as Good as the First Generation I had's at least 20 labs lighter:)
The Build on these Amps is Stellar... The quality and DESIGN is Refreshing: even Iconic Workmanship....More over, The SOUND is That Breathtaking Huge Expanded SFX II STEREO Sound that only This Fender Model Produces. Believe me, I have 4 other Amps for this Genre' and the Fender SXF II is in a Class of it's Own....Nothing else even compares. My Venues can not believe the Amazing Fullness of this "Little" amp and are as pleased as I am with it's Huge Sound.
Fender Acoustic SFX 2-Channel 160W Acoustic Guitar Stereo Amp
.I like the styling of the acoustic amp
Fender Acoustic SFX 2-Channel 160W Acoustic Guitar Stereo Amp
.I hope that Fender follows and improves on this design. I would surely buy the next generation of this amp after they upgrade it.
Fender Acoustic SFX 2-Channel 160W Acoustic Guitar Stereo Amp
.overall great product
Fender Acoustic SFX 2-Channel 160W Acoustic Guitar Stereo Amp
.Glad I got it at 20% extra off. I'll keep it but it's of no use to me
Fender Acoustic SFX 2-Channel 160W Acoustic Guitar Stereo Amp
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